Sovren Ibiza

Sovren Marina has the unmatched combination of 16 berths for superyachts between 60 and 185 metres on the most radically chic island in the entire mediterranean

With the acknowledged shortage of superyacht berths in the Mediterranean, Sovren Ibiza is a unique opportunity.

Ibiza is acknowledged as the epicentre of the summer social scene. The island has matured from the hippy chic party island into a sophisticated destination that combines natural beauty with an eclectically vibrant lifestyle.

Direct flights are available to most major European cities and the short flight to Barcelona opens up global connections. Private jets can land at the airport less than 15 minutes away. Apart from the well-documented allure of Ibiza, all four main Balearic islands are within easy reach.

The legendary entertainment scene on Ibiza extends throughout the day and night with wide range of fashionable nightclubs and beach clubs off which yachts can anchor.

Sovren Marina finally delivers a harbour for the very largest yachts to make the most of the finest summer destination worldwide.

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Marina Facilities

Sovren Ibiza has CCTV surveillance, 24-hour active patrol and is compliant with IMO International Ship and Port Facility Security Code. Sovren’s team at the marina are on hand to make the mooring process as simple as possible and facilitate any requirements the guests may have.

Facilities Facilities

Marina Flagship Building

Next year Sovren will open a 600 square metre Flagship building at the Es Martell end of the marina. Currently the building has a viewing terrace with spectacular panoramas over the harbour, which is now open to the public.